Victor & Rolf

From their debut collection in 1993, the Dutch fashion designers Victor & Rolf have managed to push the limits of fashion to the extremes. Their surreal creations and visually stunning (AND often controversial) fashion shows, have been described as a synthesis of fashion and art. For the spring/summer of 2010, the designers, unfazed by the recession and its consequences on sales, didn´t play it save like some other designers have chosen to do. Instead, the designers hacked away at some gorgeous tulle ball gowns, armed, literally, with a chainsaw. Photographed by Josh Olins for Dazed and Confused. Stylist, Katie Sullingford.


Gone to bed...

Pictures found via Rum magazine.


Apartment in Amsterdam

Beautiful apartment in Amsterdam. 

Found via Design-shimmer
Photographer Hotze Eisma.

Busy being fabulous

Deb McLean, stylist and photographer, is, by far, my favorite person in the blog universe. I visit her on Busy being fabulous every single day to get my daily dose of fabulous creativity.


Cool calendar for 2010

Count the days by tearing them off, one by one, with this cool calendar designed by Snaefrid Thorsteins and Hildigunnur Gunnarsdottir.


Labour and wait

Labour and wait in London stocks timeless, functional products for the home and garden.


Apartment for sale in New York

Always dreamt of living in a clock tower? Now here´s your change. The "ClockTower" penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, New York is all yours, if you have $25 million to spare. Found via The New York Times.

Tine K Home

Tine Kjeldsen was just 22 years old when she opened her first lifestyle shop in her hometown of Charlottenlund in Denmark. Today, she travels the world, looking for beautiful objects, clothes and furniture for her lifestyle emporium, Tine K Home. Have a look or shop online via her inspiring website.


Apartment in Madrid

Fashion designer David Delfin and architect turned photographer Gorki Posti live in Madrid. Found via Yatzer.com.

Burberry for Colette

The classic Burberry coat dates back to WWI when Burberry was commissioned by the British War Office to adapt its officers coat to suit the conditions of warfare at the time. After the war, the trench became popular with civilians and has been ever since. For spring/summer 2010, Burberry has launched a remix of their classic trench coat, exclusively for the concept store Colette in Paris. I love its funky drapes and the punk-ish spikes on the collars.



I discovered Cos (Collection of Style) on a trip to Copenhagen about 2 years ago. I fell in love with their clothes and don´t think I´ve ever, before or since, brought so many items with me into the changing room to try on. Cos is a part of the H&M fashion group, founded on the same business concept, that is, fashion and quality at the best possible price.
Cos offers all the essential pieces for your wardrobe, including shoes and accessories, many pieces designed and cut with a contemporary and stylish twist. Cos focuses on quality, using natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere, cotton and leather. Apart from liking Cos for their simple and modern clothes, I admire them for their strong ethical values.


Baileys Home and Garden

Husband and wife team Mark and Sally Bailey are behind Baileys Home and Garden in UK where rescue and recycle is the name of the game. 

Apartment in Oslo for sale

Elisabeth Hudson is a photographer and writer, living in Oslo. She is putting her beautiful apartment up for sale. Photos found via Inspirationalspaces.

Noma restaurant

Scandinavian gourmet cuisine and interior design merge at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Located on the ground floors of a newly renovated warehouse in the Christianshavn section of Copenhagen, by the waterside, Noma was last year rated the 3rd best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine.